10 reasons

10 reasons why you can trust DEPAC

Numerous innovations, successful special solutions and a large number of patents prove it: cooperation with DEPAC pays off. Discerning customers have been putting their trust in the competence and expertise of the company from Liechtenstein for 35 years now. Why is DEPAC the right partner for your challenges too? We have put together 10 reasons!

Only the best is good enough

We constantly endeavour to improve our products. Our aim is to extend the service lives of your units and to improve cost-effectiveness.

reason no. 1

Everything revolves around the customer

DEPAC specialises in individual solutions. That means: short reaction times, rapid handling of orders and solutions tailored ideally to your needs.

reason no. 2

At the cutting edge of technology

DEPAC only uses technology that ensures the optimum performance of your applications.

reason no. 3

Personal and application-specific

Our experts make every effort to find an application-specific solution together with you. A definite roadmap helps with the rapid implementation of a mature product.

reason no. 4

The right idea counts

Many years of experience and expertise have shown that what counts is the right idea in the right place!

reason no. 5

Many years of experience provide security

DEPAC has successfully optimised thousands of applications - in the most diverse branches of industry and fields of business.

reason no. 6

Short routes to goal

Flat hierarchies at DEPAC allow short routes for decisions of every kind - from the enquiry and the quotation through to delivery times and special technical solutions.

reason no. 7

Innovations as impulses

DEPAC constantly endeavours to improve the performance of plants. Innovations provide important impulses for the future - and secure the optimum.

reason no. 8

Man comes before technology

Long-standing employees ensure that we have the know-how for our innovations. The people at DEPAC are not "just" order processors, but advisors and guarantors of ideal customer solutions.

reason no. 9

Goal-orientated for the best solution

We don't experiment with ten different approaches. We use resources successfully and in a goal-orientated manner to achieve the best solution.

reason no. 10