High quality packings for maximum efficiency

Packings have been used since the dawn of the industrial age - and are still used today in many units. Whereas mechanical seals have largely taken over the task of packings in the dynamic area, packings are still irreplaceable in the stationary area. The quality of the packings has a major influence on production reliability and the frequency of maintenance. Or to put it another way: saving money on packings can prove to be expensive.

Packing types

Packings from DEPAC - your advantages

  • Quality and cost-efficiency
    Packings from DEPAC meet the highest quality requirements - and impress with their long lives.
  • Clear purpose of use
    Our technical advisors will find the best and most cost-effective packing solution for you!
  • Bespoke solutions
    DEPAC is continuously developing new solutions on the basis of its many years of experience.
  • Short delivery times
    We deliver reliably within a few days - thus reducing your warehousing costs.

Quality packings from DEPAC reduce maintenance expenditure

Poor quality packings can cause considerable scoring in the shafts and higher leakage rates. That increases maintenance expenditure on the one hand. On the other it leads to increased wear in the protective sleeve - which leads in turn to expense and inefficiency. This results in high operating costs that are out of all proportion to the comparatively low costs of higher-quality packings. DEPAC therefore recommends giving priority to quality products when using packings. But which packings are actually the best?

Choosing the right packing for your purpose together

There is no universally valid answer to this question. The selection of the best packings for each case depends on different factors - including base material, lubricant, type of braiding and strength. Our experts will be glad to help you find the right packings for your area of application. We look forward to your enquiry.