Maintenance products

High-quality maintenance products for production and industrial plants

The maintenance and repair of modern and complex production and industrial plants places increasingly high demands on man and material. Productivity and cost pressures demand perfect and smoothly functioning technical units and machines. Trouble-free running times and the attainment of planned downtimes for maintenance and repair and the extension of maintenance intervals are important requirements for increasing efficiency and lowering the unit costs.

Cleaning and degreasing
Metal processing
Lubrication and protection
Maintenance and sealing
Repairing and coating - Comtec products

Wide range of products

DEPAC regards the wide variety of tasks in industry, production and workshop as an innovative challenge - and offers a wide range of products and intelligent maintenance aids for workshop and maintenance.

With the workshop range the responsible people in industry and manufacturing benefit from our many years of experience in the field of maintenance and repair. DEPAC's know-how and goal-oriented research and development work guarantee high-performance, cost-effective products.

Products with the service extra

The tested quality and reliability of the DEPAC Workshop products give users a high degree of security in daily use. Whether for all-round use or solving special problems: DEPAC Workshop convinces.

DEPAC Comtec high-performance polymer composite systems

Studies have shown that around 80 percent of all machine, device and unit failures in industry are attributable to the failure of faces. Corrosion, chemical attack and wear cause economic damage amounting to several billion euros in the industrial nations.

For this reason everyday industrial operations would be unimaginable today without high-performance polymer composite systems. The technology of these systems has proven itself in the most diverse areas, from aerospace to high-tech sports equipment to articles that we use every day. DEPAC faced up to the challenges in the most diverse industrial applications from an early stage and has brought a large number of high-performance and cost-effective products onto the market.