Packing with maximum sliding capability and strengt - Type 723

The packing edges, which in the case of conventional packings are susceptible to wear and pressing out, are manufactured from high-strength, yet lubricating aramid threads in this packing. The running surfaces of the packing, whose lubricating capabilities are the main focus here, were manufactured from a special yarn consisting of PTFE and homogeneously processed graphite.

The special diagonal braid manufacturing process in combination with high-quality yarns produces a packing with good chemical resistance, outstanding sliding capability and pressure resistance, combined with resistance to temperature and abrasion.

The type 723 is extremely well suited for standardisation, since it provides for clear savings and simplification in purchasing, in stock-keeping, in maintenance effort and in the avoidance of mix-ups.

  • Asbestos-free
  • Sliding capability
  • Strength
  • Low leakage